About Us

Cottage by the Sea began in 1995…

What was once a true cottage trade that began in a garage is now a beloved boutique founded by Dale and Joy in the heart of Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Cottage by the Sea offers a unique selection of coastal-inspired furnishings in a wide range of sizes, colors, styles, and finishes, including hand painted, reclaimed and distressed wood pieces.  Our collection of furniture includes everything you need to create the perfect coastal-inspired FLife Style home. Come by and browse our assortment of dining room tables, occasional tables, dressers, beds, kitchen islands, buffets, bookshelves, desks and cabinets.  We also carry chandeliers, lamps, artwork and decorative elements, such as vases and candle holders, along with seaside treasures and heartwarming gifts. Our items are sold off the floor and new products arrive daily.  If you are looking for something in a custom color, be sure to ask about our special order service.

What is FLife Styling?

It begins with endless azure skies and that undeniably good feeling of the warm sun on our skin, the salt breeze in the air, and the hypnotically soothing sound of seagulls in chorus with the waves crashing along the shore. It is the place where drizzle castles are built and imagination soars, and where our footprints sink into the glistening sand, leaving small but memorable impressions for others to experience.  FLife styling is a beautiful choice we make to create a home where the carefree, relaxed, peaceful, easy feeling of summertime lives year round.

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